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Teres Carducci

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Teres is a single mother raising three sons and she had not time to raise enough money for the academy. She has been a full time mom since she started her family. We were able to help her achieve her life long goal of becoming a police officer with our full scholarship. She completed the academy, passed her state board exam, and is currently working full time as a Deputy Sheriff for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Congratulations Teres and good luck with your new career!

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Samuel "Cody" Ebeling

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Cody was newly married and starting a family with his wife Ashley. He had always wanted to go into law enforcement. He quit his job, took the risk of becoming a full time student, and joined the police academy. Upon completion of the academy it didn't take long before the Manatee County Sheriff's Office found him and hired him. Since being hired he has earned his way to the Criminal Investigation Division as a Detective. We are proud to say that we assisted Cody with a partial scholarship which assisted him financially while being unemployed in the academy. Cody is now raising two sons with his wife Ashley and they have also decided to start fostering children. Congratulations Cody! We wish you and your growing family nothing but the best!

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Aaron Modrow

Sarasota Police Department

Aaron was working full time at Bayside Community Church when he decided that he had another calling. But he couldn't afford to quit working full time and attend the police academy. The Tanya Clavey Foundation was proud to help him with a scholarship that allowed him to chase his dream. He successfully completed the academy and is working as a Police Officer for the Sarasota Police Department. Well done Aaron we hope you are doing well in your new career. 

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Mano Laurent

Bradenton Police Department

Mano is our first ever recipient of the scholarship. He graduated from Palmetto High School (Manatee County Florida) and was awarded the scholarship. But he wanted to attend college first before trying his hand at law enforcement. We supported his decision one hundred percent and were thrilled when he looked us up upon graduating from the University of South Florida. Mano, a single father, then completed the police academy and landed him a policeman's job with the Bradenton Police Department. Congratulations to you Mano and well done! We are so very proud to be a part of your dream and success.

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